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Bucket List Wish Appeal

Your gift will help make a wish come true and give families a chance to create memories they can cherish during an incredibly difficult time.

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It’s impacted us all. The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard and there is no doubt the past 27 months have been some of the toughest times we have all been through.

Spare a thought for people living with motor neurone disease. Due to the nature of the disease, they are often limited in what they can do even before they are diagnosed! Imagine coupling the limitations of having a degenerative neurological disease that is terminal and then having to worry about a virus that could significantly impact an already limited life expectancy.

To put things into perspective, the 27 months of this pandemic so far is the same time as the average life expectancy of someone living with MND. 

MND Tasmania’s Tax Appeal is different this year from any previous year. The Association is proud of the vital care and support provided over the last 36 years to Tasmanians living with this horrible disease; but after being through such a tough time recently, we want to go a step further. We want to see people who have been diagnosed with MND tick a wish off their bucket list because after all, most people have one! 

Living with motor neurone disease is incredibly hard for the person with it and for their loved ones.

This is where your help comes in. If you are able to contribute to MND Tasmania’s 2022 Tax Appeal, know that your donation is going to grant a wish and leave a lasting memory for so many family members. It will provide that special moment in amongst all the sadness, frustration, and anger that an MND diagnosis brings. Your gift this year will be as meaningful as ever.

This new initiative and pool of funds will be able to provide experiences, gifts or services that will put a smile on faces and allow some time out from the daily burden of MND. There are no strings attached, other than the amount of funding available. The more we raise through our 2022 Tax Appeal, the more wishes we can grant.

Your contribution of $350 could fund Catherine’s wish of a spectacular day at MONA. Your contribution of $700 could fund David’s dream of skydiving whilst he still can. Your contribution of $1,000 could fund Peter’s bucket list item of watching his beloved JackJumpers ‘in style’, or your contribution of $5,000 could fund wishes for multiple people living with MND.

MND Tasmania will keep providing the best possible care, support, and information to all Tasmanians living with MND now and in the future. As mentioned earlier, we want to be able to go even further in the support we can offer, and that’s where I ask you to consider a generous donation to MND Tasmania this tax time. You can be assured it will provide a lasting memory for a family impacted by this horrible disease.

Thanks to our supporters