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Evandale Primary School Ice Bucket Challenge:

8 SLC members and Mrs Gadsby (Principal) have nominated themselves to do the Ice Bucket Challenge on Friday 8 July (last day of the term).

8:00AM - 4:00PM Friday 8th July 2022
Evandale Primary School Ice Bucket Challenge

For every $20 raised one SLC member will have a bucket of icy cold water tipped onto their heads. If we reach our $180 target Mrs Gadsby will also join the frozen and wet SLC members.

People can enter anonymous bids by emailing or calling the school to try and win the privilege of tipping a bucket of water onto someone’s head. This money will also go towards our fundraising efforts together with the gold coin donations from students on the day to wear their PJs to school. The ice tipping will occur at lunch time.

Thanks everyone for getting behind our MND fundraising ideas.

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