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Until there’s a cure… there’s care
Find Information

Information is provided on the disease process, managing the disease, support services, treatment, research, grief and loss and other requested topics.

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Discover MND Resources

MND Tasmania provides a range of resource links to informational websites in Australia and overseas.

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Find a MND Advisor

MND Advisors meet with newly diagnosed people and their families to provide information about the disease, offer advice and support and make an initial assessment of their specific service and support needs.

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Information for Health Professionals

MND Tasmania seeks to support its members who have MND or Kennedy's disease by improving access to essential home modifications and equipment.

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Access our care and support services

MND Tasmania provides an information service. As this service is operated out of the MND Victoria office, please let our team know you are calling from Tasmania so that you receive the correct information.

FREECALL 1800 806 632 EMAIL

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MND in the Media

For the first time Northern Tasmanians living with motor neurone disease will be able to access a therapeutic trial, right on their doorstop.

MND in the Media

Motor Neurone Disease Australia has launched a campaign to call on the Government to make access to support services fair for ALL people diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND).

MND in the Media

Sean Dorney left the ABC in 2014 after 40 years of award-winning reporting from the Pacific region. He's facing a new challenge now — Sean has been recently diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

MND in the Media

Pages 26-27 of the latest edition of Inspire Magazine feature research funded by the MND Research Institute of Australia. This is where MND Tasmania sends the funds raised by and donated to MND Tasmania supporters for research.

Supporting those with MND

When someone is given a diagnosis of motor neurone disease it impacts on all those around them, particularly their family and friends. Supporting someone with MND is best done as part of a team effort. Contact our information service to receive a wide range of health and support information and services that are available to help people diagnosed with MND live life.

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Get involved with MND Tasmania!

You CAN help support people living with MND by making a donation or becoming a member. There are endless ways to help raise awareness and funds to provide care and support people living with MND and fund research.

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